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Q(uiet) T(ime) M(using)s for 8/30/17: 3 THINGS ABOUT THE “MOW-‘N’-GO” CRAZE

The way your yard and the street in front of your house looks tells me things about you. Walking is nice.  It offers exercise, creates hunger, makes me look forward to another cup of hot, fresh java. It allows me to notice things and people around me I might never consider were I driving.  It’s during my … Continue reading »

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I walk because I can. Walking was something, I admit, I took for granted, once I learned how.  Who gives two hisses about walking? People who have faced being denied that freedom.  I’m one of those people.  So, yeah–I celebrate the ability to maintain balance, to walk into each new weekday morning with the same … Continue reading »

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100-Word Stroll, 4/17/17: “EXCUSE ME, BUT . . .”

You’ve noticed “100-Word Strolls” are rarely ever 100 words.  Good.  Grab your joe and walk with me . . . The 100-Word part is to remind me:  writers overflow with words.  Readers take one look at that little “673 more words” on a Facebook post, and go, “Um–maybe later.”  You and I know “Maybe later” … Continue reading »

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