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Tagged With: Valentines Day

Q(uiet) T(ime) M(usings) for Valentine’s Day, 2018: THIS ISN’T WHAT YOU THINK, NOR SHOULD IT BE

A fellow decided to buy his girl some perfume for Valentine’s day, so he went to the cosmetic counter in his girl’s favorite store. The prices were horrific! No matter what the sales lady showed him, even the tiniest bottles were beyond his budget. Finally, he asked her: “Can you show me something really cheap?” … Continue reading »

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2nd Cup for 2/14/17: “WHO LOVES YA, BABY?”

Anyone can love somebody who loves them back.  We know that.  No big deal.  There are people whose personalities let them almost default to a devoted, loving attitude even while their hearts are lacerated and bruised.  One would need to know them well to discern the little ‘tells’ of their woundedness.  “Oh.  Then it’s easy … Continue reading »

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