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A Granger Story – 2nd Cup of Coffee, 11/3/18: THE GRANGER EFFECT ~ Ch. 2

2 I sat sipping some great Ruta Maya medium roast and reflecting on the call I just got from Sparks.  And dabbing.  Somehow, a little of the coffee was spilled on the sleeve of my flannel shirt.  No idea how that might’ve happened.  However, the irregular blob of ochre brown, though complimentary to the barn … Continue reading »

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Evangelists used them all the time. Oh–no-no-no.  Not cheap emotional appeals that tugged at your guilt like a 7-year-old in Toys-R-Us.  And not those foufy hairdos – what’d they call ’em? What?  Pompadour.  That’s it.  No, I don’t mean that, either.  Although I always wondered why so many traveling evangelists hammered Elvis and then tried … Continue reading »

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