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Tagged With: resentment

300-Word Stroll for 11/13/17: 3 WAYS YESTERDAYERS AIN’T RATIN’

You can moon over how amazing you were until you’re wasting what God wants to do through you today. You know the type.  Always reminding you of how studly or stunning they were, and how much better they could do whatever you’re doing.  Gets tiresome, doesn’t it? “I’m glad you had those experiences, and once … Continue reading »

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2nd Cup for 2/14/17: “WHO LOVES YA, BABY?”

Anyone can love somebody who loves them back.  We know that.  No big deal.  There are people whose personalities let them almost default to a devoted, loving attitude even while their hearts are lacerated and bruised.  One would need to know them well to discern the little ‘tells’ of their woundedness.  “Oh.  Then it’s easy … Continue reading »

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