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2nd Cup of Coffee, 3/1/19: REMEMBER ‘CAT’S IN THE CRADLE’?

She sat in IHOP, ignoring the most precious things in her life. A young mom, she’d brought her two daughters, Sevenish and Threeish, to sit eating all-you-can-eat pancakes, while she hunched over her phone, 13 or so inches in front of her face, with Someone Somewhere else. The girls knew. Their occasional tentative “Mommy?”s were … Continue reading »

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“You shouldn’t talk about Mom that way!” That elicited a half-lidded, right-eyebrow-cocked, head-slightly-canted, lip-quirked stare – you know, the soundless equivalent of, “Really?  You went there?” Everyone knew better, since we were standing in my garage next to our little red convertible SVT Cobra Mustang.  We engaged in the usual parent-child-sibling verbal Ping-Pong, laughed and then repeated that sacred … Continue reading »

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