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Tagged With: positivity

A THANKSLIVING 2nd CUP – 11/25/21

Being thankful is a choice, and the degree to which you experience gratitude depends on that which most occupies your mind and spirit. I know you’ve been around whiney types whose attitude seems stuck on NEGATIVE and BACKWARD. It matters little how blessed they’ve been because they don’t see it; you can but they’re blind. … Continue reading »

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2nd Cup for 2/23/17: I WANT TO BE ADDITIVE.

Survivors of life-threatening experiences are the same in one amazing way:  they are fearless in their desire to squeeze as much joy out of each day’s living as is possible. G’mornin’,  friend.  Help yourself to a piping hot, fresh cup of Tanzanian Peaberry.  Those of you who’ve been 2nd Cuppers from way back will instantly … Continue reading »

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