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Titles need to reach out and grab you. Either they need to be jazzed-cool enough so you feel awkward if you don’t read after them.  Or they need to be so pointed, even edgy, that they sink puppy teeth into your thoughts. You’re still reading, so this one must be just weird enough that it … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 1/19/17: BBAR!

I woke up this morning. I breathed freely, got up without pain, did all the morning things without thinking about it.  I’m walking, seeing, hearing, thinking.  I’m eating a hearty breakfast – and enjoying fresh, hot joe – as I write, able to absorb enough to remain in what is for me normal good health. I … Continue reading »

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100-Word Stroll for 9/8/16: . . . AND YOU WON’T BELIEVE—

You wouldn’t believe the “YOU-WON’T-BELIEVE”s I’ve clicked on. You, too?  Well, you clicked on this one, right?  I know.  Shameless.  Right up there with “YOU’LL SEE WHY”.  Uh-hunh.  Grinning.  You’ve clicked on that one, too.    John wrote about overcoming at least seven times in a row.  Paul wrote a lot about being an overcomer.  George … Continue reading »

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