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100-Word Stroll for 8/16/16: I BELIEVE I’LL STICK WITH JESUS

Grab your coffee and walk with me . . . I’ve sung all my life.  There was always music in the Boone house.  “Reveille”:  piano.  “Amazing Grace” and “Shenandoah”:  harmonica.  “Honey In The Rock”:  mandolin.  Harmony wherever two or more of us happened to be. I love most contemporary praise & worship lyrics.  They’re soul-lifting … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 1/19/16: Kitty Jane and Joel Clyde

My mother’s parents.  Those were their names.  Kitty Jane Kingsland and Joel Clyde Wise. Grandpa Wise was a big, strong man with a mercurial temper and a wide mean streak, an old railroader from a hard-drinking family, all of whom were incredibly gifted with making music.  Much of our family’s musical acumen came through his genetic offering.  With his sons … Continue reading »

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Everybody’s wracking their brain to come up with something unique with which to challenge everyone else while 2016 is still in diapers. I’m not.  I was grazing through resources, reading and mining this or that when I found a terrific, thoughtful statement by someone I’ve never met that jarred my soul. Think about it. I’m a man … Continue reading »

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