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Tagged With: Military service

2nd Cup for 8/3/17: LETTING YOU GO

“. . . filing the rough edges of my thoughts.” Sudden grief hits the soul like a tossed Jim Beam bottle hits the pavement.  The larger memory-shards are all odd-shaped.  Every edge bears the ability to slice and lacerate.  Those we easily see, gingerly picking them up and beginning the cleanup of myriad details. The smaller bits … Continue reading »

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Memorial Day ’17 Musings: GROUND CLUTTER

The first time I sat down at an Air Force surveillance radar console I thought I was seeing things. I was.  I saw a lot of things, none of which remotely resembled anything I recognized.  It looked to me like someone had laid a flatscreen TV on its back and spilled something on it, every three seconds.  The … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 6/6/16: WHO WERE THOSE MEN?

A few months ago they were high school kids hunting a summer job.  Today they were men hunting enemies intent on destroying our way of life. Today we remember an unforgettable army of between 130,000 and 156,000 young men.  They averaged only a year or two older than my grandson, wearing U.S., Canadian, British and Free … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 5/28/16: I WOULD’VE IF I COULD’VE

How are the people who didn’t serve supposed to feel on days like Memorial Day? Here are what seem to be gazillions of men and women who’ve stepped up and served in the United States military.  Independence Day.  Veterans Day.  Armed Forces Day.  And here’s Memorial Day.  And these people walk around with pieces of … Continue reading »

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President Ronald Reagan delivered a Memorial Day address at Arlington National Cemetery on May 26, 1986 — almost 30 years ago to the day.  I’ve stood erect and silent in Arlington as a caisson trundles past, the only other sound the muffled thumping of horses’ hooves, the slow, measured cadence of a drum and the solemn, rigid strike of the … Continue reading »

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