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That early in the morning, I knew Jimmie’s Diner would be almost empty.  That worked for me.  I was in a mood.  And I was almost right.  Other than the cook in back, Peggy Sue was by herself. Solitude must be a comfortable friend if one intends to write.  I enjoyed the closeness of the friends … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 11/30/15: AS I MUSED . . .

My mind took a side trail that climbed above the one I thought I was on. Yeah, I was absorbing the pastor’s thoughts about the whole meaning of the Advent season.  4th row, left side.  Just like most Sundays.  Involved.  Listening.  There. It’s just that my mind figured since my spirit and body had assumed … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 8/25/15: OH, YES, YOU ARE. *

“I don’t mean that much to anybody.  Outside my immediate family, no one knows or cares who I am.  Not even all of them do.  Very little I’ve tried to do with my life has improved anyone else’s.  I could quietly disappear and other than irritation that things weren’t  getting done it would make no difference.  In … Continue reading »

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