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QTMs for 5/17/17: NO TIME LIKE NOW.

There is no such thing as wasting Time.  We each invest our priceless moments as we’ve decided to do.  Once spent, they return back to God’s Timeless Eternity.  Time was created from that Eternity to school you and I.  It’s our proving ground.  As such, we’re never merely wasting it.  One way or the other, we’re … Continue reading »

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2016 Holy Week QTMs – Wednesday: DOING SOME TRIMMING

We’re not a bunch of hermits living in solitary caves with nothing to do but contemplate deep stuff.  Even pastors and theologians are right now being smutched between breakfast and gassing up the car on the way to drop off a son to school or grandchild to daycare prior to a meeting for— Right?  We … Continue reading »

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