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Tagged With: investing in others

Granger – QTMs for 2/8/18: “SOMEBODY NEEDS WHAT YOU HAVE.”

Armando stopped wiping the tabletop with his right hand. He’d just gathered and stacked dishes, cups and flatware in his left hand, going through motions he’d practiced from long experience in cleaning up after others had eaten.  Gather and lift with left hand, wipe the table with the right, set the dishes in the bussing tray, straighten … Continue reading »

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Fill your cup and sit with me for a few minutes . . . Yespassing.  You’ve had it happen to you.  I suspect it’s been done often enough that you smarted over it.  Remember the last time you put your finger in the wrong place on a rosebush?  It stung, and the sting lingered. “YESPASSING” It’s an … Continue reading »

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100-Word Stroll, 9/24/16: THAT AIN’T NURTURAL

Remember back when we used to write to one another?  We even used cursive as we were taught.  Paid attention to proper grammar.  Like that.  We wrote complete sentences and dared not try substituting single vowels for words. We tended to think more and deeply because we refused to allow life’s pace to become a headlong rush toward tomorrow.  … Continue reading »

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