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That early in the morning, I knew Jimmie’s Diner would be almost empty.  That worked for me.  I was in a mood.  And I was almost right.  Other than the cook in back, Peggy Sue was by herself. Solitude must be a comfortable friend if one intends to write.  I enjoyed the closeness of the friends … Continue reading »

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QTMs for Good Friday, 3/30/18: HANG IT ON THE CROSS

There was nothing more hideous and embarrassing than dying on a Roman cross.  It’s natural to associate it with all the despair and ugliness surrounding the event of Jesus’s crucifixion. I submit the Cross of Christ as God’s ultimate symbol of love for me.  I couldn’t free myself from my habits, my hatreds, my favorite … Continue reading »

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100-Word Stroll for 4/13/17: CAN YOU SPARE SOME CHANGE TODAY?

I pray I can.  Grab your coffee and walk with me . . . On the way to the borrowed room where they’d dine Passover style with Jesus, the guys were comparing opinions about who of them deserved the corner office with big windows.  3 years, and they didn’t get it.  Or Him. Recently read:  … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 4/12/17: THE PASSION of the CHRIST(ian)

“I’d be more open to being a Christian if I saw more who call themselves that acting like it.” I know.  We’re all a bit weary of everyone’s excuses for playing fast and loose with their souls.  After all, we likely used a bunch of ’em ourselves before realizing the true dimensions of God’s love and making … Continue reading »

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I think it all comes down to motivation.  If you really want to do something, you will work hard for it. ~Edmund Hillary Jesus meant to go through with it. He was aiming through that Cross, focusing on everything beyond it.  Everything Mark, Matthew, Luke, John and Paul wrote about makes it clear:  Jesus, Mary’s son, raised … Continue reading »

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QTMs, 2/21/17: YEAH, I DID, TOO.

One of the few things a religious zealot accomplishes is to reassure those he’s trying to convince that they want nothing to do with him or whatever model of Jesus he’s peddling. We are moving into the Lenten season, the lead-up to Easter Sunday.  I know you know that.  Easter bunnies, dancing eggs and fake grass is … Continue reading »

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