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Tagged With: devotions

QTMs for 10/2/17: SHAPED MOMENTS

I grew up singing it:  “Take time to be ho—-ly . . .”   I remember thinking, “Aw, MAN–this is taking forever!”  As an angelic-faced kid, I’d glance down to see how many more verses of this torture would be inflicted. via GIPHY          As an irascible adult, I’m painfully aware it’s now necessary to make time … Continue reading »

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QTMs for 6/2/17: PICK THAT UP!

“You can’t clean up everyone else’s mess.” That’s it?  God, we walk like this almost every weekday morning.  You know I’m expecting to hear something fresh and stimulating to think and write about today.  You know–“The Voice of God” and like that. We were almost halfway around Harrison Park when You called today’s audible.  I … Continue reading »

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2nd Cup for 2/12/17: “OKAY, GOD–WHAT GIVES?”

“Why me, Lord?”  If you’ve ever asked that, this is for you. I know, right?  Your mind darted back to Kris Kristofferson’s song, too.  When it first came out, I confess I had curly-lip.  “Lord, help me, Jesus . . .” That was before I came a breath or two from dying a few times.  … Continue reading »

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