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There’s always a reason why seemingly random things arrive when and as they do. The prompt intruded with, “Define heartbreak.”  My mind immediately went skittering here and there, banging off other ideas like carom rings on a polished board.  Then, just as quickly, I recalled something that a Facebook friend sent yesterday. I thought to … Continue reading »

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The best time to start is now. You can finish preparing as you go.  Don’t give in to the convenient dodge that you’re not quite ready; that you don’t have everything you need to do it right. You’re never going to be completely ready, you’ll never have everything you need, and getting at it is … Continue reading »

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They looked around, wondering where Danny was.  Again.  Like his namesake, he could be depended upon to get bored with social settings and being proper. Whatever there was close by to explore was always the first place to look.  They’d learned, too, that he may take off without food, but he never went ” ‘splorin’ ” without a … Continue reading »

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