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2nd Cup of Coffee, May 17, 2018: WHERE HAVE ALL THE SHOWERS GONE?

I don’t remember that first shower of married life, that cloudy Portland morning of May 18, 1974. Irish Spring?  Probably.  I’d bunked with Dad and Mom, and that was Dad’s go-to soap for as long as I can recall.  I think he got some kind of reward for having bought so many bars of it.  … Continue reading »

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How NOT To Celebrate One’s Anniversary

So I found this card that I, as a man, knew – KNEW – would dazzle her. It had an exotic exterior that could only be described as ‘Jungle Chique’.  Jungle.  Coffee.  Right? In the jungle clearing sat two leopards:  one, a slim, svelte female – smaller, naturally – and a boldly-put-together, powerfully-muscled leopard male-type dude … Continue reading »

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