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Author Archives: 2nd Cup of Coffee

About 2nd Cup of Coffee

Dan has worked for the U.S. government in both civilian and military capacities; is an ordained minister, hospital chaplain, entrepreneur, speaker, writer and a survivor of several life-threatening events.

2nd Cup of Coffee, 7/27/2020: HAVING DONE ALL, TO STAND…

I saw it in passing, like road signs that are already past before it registers what you just read. Uncharacteristically nimble, my mind yanked up on the emergency brake. I stopped and reread the phrase. “Ephesians 6 streaking”. Nope. I had not misread it. I sat quietly for ten or fifteen seconds, the burnt-rubber odor … Continue reading »

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2nd Cup Saturday for 7/18/2020: GOULASH FOR THE SOUL

Good morning, friend. Come on in, and since I’ve been at this for several hours, you have an unusual gift this morning: two different types of coffee to enjoy while we visit. The coffeemaker has some fresh Grizzly Peak blend from a Montana roaster, and the silver carafe with the black top has some great … Continue reading »

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A Saturday 2nd Cup for 6/27/2020: “NOW’S THE TIME.” – DAD

“The time’s comin’ that’s gonna separate the men from the boys.” My father-in-law reminded me of that bromide almost every time we were able to spend time together. At the time, I chalked it up to his advancing years causing forgetfulness, so I did my best to ignore what I believed to be repitition. Little … Continue reading »

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“You happy now?” “Great. That make you happy, did it?” “Well, I just hope you’re happy!” Even our use of the word shows how fickle happiness is. ‘Happy’ can derive from two candy bars dropping from the vending machine. It can disappear just as fast when one gets hung up and you get nothing. Henri … Continue reading »

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A Memorial Day 2020 2nd Cup of Coffee: THE BLANK CHECK

You’ve read this before. You’ve seen it displayed in Facebook memes. It’s been shared often enough that it seems by now to be old hat – kind of like those old uniforms all modern veterans think so quaint and plain . . . “A veteran is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote … Continue reading »

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2nd Cup of Coffee, May 1, 2020: THE DAYS OF FINEs AND CLOSES – Remembering the 2020 Covid-19 Virus Shutdown

I’m saving this so I can remember.  The original source is unknown – Dan So we don’t forget…. Today is Friday, May 1, 2020. – We are at 53 days of social isolation. – Schools have been closed since mid-March and are teaching remotely on-line. Proms and graduation ceremonies are virtual. – Employees who can … Continue reading »

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2nd Cup for 4/18/2020: I WO-O-OSH FOR THE REST OF 2020 . . .

Reverend James Ogden braved a nasty storm to drive twenty-three miles and have the heat and lights on in the country church building that Sunday morning. He sat listening to some praise and worship music while waiting for the sanctuary to warm up, and for the local folks from surrounding farms to arrive. He checked … Continue reading »

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Granger: 2nd Cup Saturday, 4/11/2020: THE VETERAN OF 1,003 MELODIES

The man’s steps slowed, and he hesitated at the unknown road leading off to the right. Silver-haired and of normal build, he wore casual, comfortable, neutral-colored clothes, for  he usually walked as weather and schedule permitted.  He stood for a moment, eyeing the safe, regular, normal route leading straight ahead. That was his usual route. … Continue reading »

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2nd Cup – QTMs for 3/7/2020: WELL, ARE YOU?

Charlie “Tremendous” Jones once told me, “You grow when you can’t go on, but you refuse to quit!” I took what he said to heart, because I know he lived that philosophy. I’d read after him for years, and finally got the chance to meet him. I patiently stood in line for 8 months. When … Continue reading »

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A 2nd Cup for Valentines Day ’20: THE FIRST TIME I HELD HER HEART

My Valentine and I have been holding hearts for over 45 years, and we’ve managed it in the same way any of us walk with Jesus: by grace and through faith. It has been neither simple nor easy. We’ve literally known each other all our lives, so we sort of knew what we were getting. … Continue reading »

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