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Monthly Archives: March 2023

2nd Cup of Coffee for March 7, 2023: HOLY DISCONTENT, BATMAN!!!

I originally posted this 2nd Cup of Coffee blog on March 27, 2013. I had no idea how it would be resonating with today’s headlines. See what you think. The motion-sensing doorbell smoothly merged with his ambling thoughts . . . “NUHNUH-NUHNUH-NUHNUH-NUHNUH-NUHNUH-NUHNUH-NUHNUH-NUHNUH:  BATMAN!!!“ Perhaps the mail coupon from Spencer Gifts wasn’t such a great idea.  To … Continue reading »

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Quiet Moments: 2nd Cup of Coffee, 3/7/23

I first wrote this during the craziness of Covid lockdown on July 3, 2020. I now know there are several who follow my posts and blogging who will resonate with this. Since I don’t recall publishing this, here it is as written almost three years back. “Creative flow happens. The creative heart doesn’t manufacture it; … Continue reading »

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