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Posted by on February 2, 2023


The Sword of Light, God’s Holy Weapon

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I lay hold of the weapon of the Holy Spirit – the Word of God! I embrace its inerrant message of truth and power, and I humbly ask You, Holy Spirit, to guide me into true understanding of the Bible’s message. Help me practice the discipline and dedication to memorize the Word, to saturate my mind with its truth and power.

By Your ministry, Holy Spirit, grant to me the wisdom to always apply the Bible, the Word of God, against the Enemy. May I bring the Word of God to bear directly against Satan to defeat him and his kingdom, and to advance the cause of Christ into that very realm Satan, the Adversary, claims is his.

Remind me, Lord Jesus, of Your flat statement that the gates of Hell cannot keep your Church and its influence from waging successful warfare against Satan and his kingdom–no matter how he tries to bluster, conceal what he’s doing, or hide.

In victory and through the name of Jesus I pray all this with thanksgiving. Amen.

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