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Posted by on August 6, 2022

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Putting On The Belt of Truth

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I claim the protection of the belt of Truth, having buckled it securely around my waist. I pray the protection of this Truth over my personal life, my home and family, the plan God has appointed for me today, and for the future. I use the belt of Truth directly against Satan and his kingdom of darkness. I aggressively embrace Him who is the Truth — the Lord Jesus Christ — as my strength and protection from all of Satan’s deceptions. I desire that the truth of God’s Word shall constantly gain a deeper place in my life. I pray that the truth of the Word of God will be my heart’s delight to study and memorize.

I wish to speak and live in Truth today. I firmly reject deception, half-truths, misleading statements and actions, and rumors. Holy Spirit, I ask You today to help me live in honesty and transparency before God, with myself, and all those around me.

Show me any way in which I am being deceived and deliver me from its effects. Holy Spirit, open the Scriptures more and more to my understanding and guide me into the practical application of God’s Truth. Warn me before I unwittingly deceive anyone, and protect me from believing Satan’s lies about me or anyone else, no matter who speaks them. Thank you, Lord, for making my local worshiping fellowship a foundation for Your truth in my life. Help me to relate to my church, and to give the protection of Your truth to my brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as to receive it myself.

I see more and more, Lord Jesus Christ, that my ability to be invincibly strong and able to do Your will despite Satan’s subtle and deceitful ways requires the stabilizing power of the belt of Truth. Thank you for providing this part of my spiritual armor. I take it gratefully, and desire to have an ever-deepening understanding of its protection through Your power.

I ask all this, Lord, in Your name. AMEN.


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