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Posted by on June 22, 2022

Dear Fellow Believer: consider this series of morning exercises a spiritual aerobic session with God. If you read them back to back in one setting, it will take you about 30 minutes to pray and think your way through these paragraphs. Should you choose to focus on one lesson for several days, obviously it will take longer. Whichever you decide, I’m suggesting you first pray your way through the entire series in one sitting to get the progression of them in your mind and spirit. After that, how you use them is up to you. The point is not a strict regimen or grim duty; it’s to use this series of prayer statements of faith to strengthen yours.

I’ve had these in one form or another for over 40 years; I’ve edited and made literary corrections here and there across that time to keep them contemporary and effective. I’ve no idea who the original author was, so have no idea to whom to offer credit. All I know is that in their original form way back when, they were not my work. Therefore, feel free to copy and use them for your own spiritual growth. That was and remains their sole purpose. My prayer for you is that they will be as powerful a stimulus to your personal walk with God as they have been for me.

As you pray each day, you’ll begin to sense a deepening dependence to spend this time every day alone with God. You’ll also find your spiritual power developing, and your ability to intercede for others will grow as well. The power, energy, and promises come from God. The discipline to continue these prayer lessons until they become a habit is up to you.

– 1 –

The Prayer of Victory

Sovereign God, I praise you that Satan is a defeated enemy. I rejoice that his defeat as because of the Lord Jesus Christ in His sinless life, His death, burial and resurrection – and His ascent into Glory. I look forward to the day when the Lord Jesus Christ rules while Satan, the Adversary, is bound in the bottomless pit. I know Satan will ultimately be condemned forever to the lake of fire prepared for him and those angels foolish enough to follow him when he challenged Your ultimate authority. I rejoice that because of my union with the Lord Jesus Christ, You have given me the ability to walk in complete victory over Satan today.

I aggressively enter into my victory and claim my place as more than a conqueror through Him who loves me. I refuse to allow continuing defeat in any area of my life. I am not required to put up with Satan’s bullying. He cannot and will not rule over me. I am dead with Christ to Satan’s influence and rule, and I affirm that the grace and mercy of God rule in all areas of my life through my union with Jesus Christ. Grant to me the grace to affirm Your victory even when experiences of life seem to say otherwise.

I thank You, O God, for the battle I am fighting right now, and for all that You in Your wisdom and design are seeking to accomplish in my life. I accept the battle and rejoice in Your purpose for it. I willingly accept and desire to profit from Your purpose in letting Satan’s kingdom get at me. I reject ALL of Satan’s purposes. Through the victory of my Lord and Savior I stand resolute and strong upon the certainty of my victory. In confidence I look to You, Lord Jesus Christ. You have never failed and never will. When Your purpose for this trial is fulfilled, I know it will fade into the dimness of forgotten battles and a defeated enemy.

Through the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ, it shall be so. Amen.

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