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Monthly Archives: February 2022

2nd Cup of Coffee for 2/26/22: WHO CRIES FOR UKRAINE?

That could be us. Ukraine happens to be under bold, brave, conservative leadership; and the Ukrainian people are solidly for maintaining their freedoms. They’ve been senselessly attacked by a much larger aggressor, “led” by a Soviet-style thug tyrant wanting to subject the people and nation of Ukraine to the same drab, lifeless, miserable existence they … Continue reading »

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From 2014 . . .

Original story posted by 2nd Cup of Coffee on February 14, 2014 A Valentine’s Day 2nd Cup Story: I MISS THE YOU I NEVER HAD “More coffee?” He looked up from his reading.  “Sure.  Yes, please.  Your coffee is always so good.  And the second cup’s always better than the first.”  He smiled as he spoke, sliding … Continue reading »

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