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2nd Cup of Coffee, 8/23/19: WHAT DOES ‘HOME’ MEAN TO YOU?

Posted by on August 23, 2019

Whatever picture just flashed in your conscious mind, there are people somewhere close by who don’t have that.

My mission this morning is to help change that reality for a few families. Every quarter, our local church joins many others in the greater Wichita, Kansas area in being a week-long Family Promise host.

I haven’t time to tell you what that involves, for I must leave shortly to drive a van from our local church in Derby, KS to the area day house in Wichita. I’m including a link to our local Family Promise website to help fill in that knowledge gap.

Why? Because I’m fed up with bigmouthed politicians trying to out-bellow and overtalk one another in decrying America’s homeless problem. Mind you, they’re actually doing little beyond photo shoots. But they’re sure to blame each other for the issue, wringing hands and making excuses for the filth and squalor on virtually every street in the nation’s cities.

Family Promise, in league with America’s local churches, is quietly stepping up to make a lasting difference while squabbling political types make excuses. The following link points up Wichita’s Family Promise efforts of love. If your city doesn’t have one or you’ve never heard of it, it’s time you did.

There are men, women, and youngsters being helped to step up and out of their homeless situation. Politics is not now, nor has it ever been the answer. Your local churches, working with Family, can be. All it takes is your willingness to volunteer and get involved. America’s churches are making the difference in providing an answer to homeless persons wanting to get out and once again know what ‘home’ means.

Check it out. Gotta run, friends. I’ve a van full of really great people waiting on me.

Loving you,


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