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2nd Cup of Coffee, 8/15/19: CAN I DRIVE?

Posted by on August 16, 2019

Sunday morning we were singing:

“We fall down, we lay our crowns, at the feet of Jesus

The greatness of mercy and love, at the feet of Jesus

And we cry, “Holy, holy, holy…”

We cry, “Holy, holy, holy…”

We cry, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb.”

The setting is There.  We who have walked with Jesus, living our lives here as imperfect earthly examples of His perfection, are gathered around Him – though I’ve no clue how that’s going to work.

There are billions of us and one of Him.  All of us are crowding in, wanting to at last see and sense everything He is in his supernatural setting. 

Upon entry, at some point we’re all surprised by the crowns we’ve been awarded.  They’re polished to a mirror shine, and studded with sparkling gems that catch and throw off light at our slightest movement.  The whole place – I guess it’s a Grand Throneroom or Main Hall – is dazzling, every surface flashing and sparking and reflecting the deep, gorgeous hues of the perfectly faceted gems in everyone’s crown.

We’re understandably awed at their stunning appearance.  We each stand, remembering our life experiences while on Earth as we knew it.  We know our stewardship of God’s grace was tainted, flawed.  The witness we tried and tried again to show too often seemed to have zero effect.  Too many of us literally wore ourselves out preaching and teaching and witnessing and living for Him – and, based on so many being disinterested and unmoved, we wondered if whatever kind of crown given us would be bare.

Yet here we stand in review by the King of Kings, every one of us wearing these incomparably magnificent, jewel encrusted crowns symbolizing our lives of service and faithful duty, known and unknown.

It’s understandable.  Who wouldn’t want to bask for a few moments in being thus recognized by God Himself?  After all, we remember . . .

all the times we watched others ‘having fun’ while we ‘were being good’ . . .

all the times we did our level best to represent Christ and were ignored and ridiculed . . .

all the times we did unseen and unnoticed things in God’s name for which others took credit . . .

No one would blame us, right?  “Jesus, could we just kind of be in the moment, here?  Sort of enjoy our Now?  I mean, there are a bunch of jewels in my crown I wasn’t expecting, which more or less make up for some I figured would surely be there.” 

May I break in here?  “Christian” is now almost synonymous with “hateful fanatic”.   Honoring God and His Word is considered extremely narrowminded.  To do those is to invite hurled epithets labeling you every -phobe in the dictionary.

If you dare mention ‘Right’ or ‘Good’ or ‘Truth’ and in any way attach God’s name – or dare bring up Jesus – you incur scathing glares and scalding comments.  And this from too many who claim Jesus as Lord, at least as long as it’s convenient or church lets out, whichever is earliest.

Popular Christ following has for too many become as innocuous as birdwatching.  “Well, yeah, I love Jesus, but I don’ wanna get all fanatical about it, y’know.  And, anyhow, at least I’m not like ___________!”  As if that somehow makes disobedience and spiritual distance from God better.

Sadly, such Christian chameleons develop a keen spiritual arrogance over time that can speak in all the properly ‘churchy’ and humble tones, all the while secretly eyeing the Trinity for any sign of a possible vacancy.

Jesus told us, “Narrow gate, road straight, and not a crowding issue.”  He never rescinded that.  I’d likely enjoy involving myself in some things many professing believers have come to believe is ‘okay’, too.  Frankly, though, I’ve had a rough enough time being God’s man in every situation – and you want to know the truth?  I don’t want to mess up my chance to see my crown and wear it for just a minute or two ~ or however time’s measured where God and the rest of the Family is.

Not for long, though.  I’m going to be totally floored by all Heaven is, and completely stunned to be in the very personal presence of Jesus, my Christ, my Savior, my Redeemer and King.  Standing there, gazing through tear-blurred eyes at the Sovereign Creator and Ruler of the Universe, knowing the only reason I’m there is because of Him, staring slack-jawed at HIS crown?  Oh, yeah ~ my crown really isn’t mine . . .

I’ll fall down, I’ll lay my crown, at the feet of Jesus

The greatness of mercy and love, at the feet of Jesus

And I’ll cry, “Holy, holy, holy . . .”

I’ll cry, “Holy, holy, holy . . . “

And I’ll cry, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb!”

I don’t know about you, friend, but I’m not going to knowingly be or do anything to miss that.

I don’t want you to, either.

© Copyright  D. Dean Boone, August 2019

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