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2nd Cup of Coffee, 3/27/19: 9 SACRED RULES FOR CREATIVE WEIRDOS

Posted by on March 27, 2019

I’m always digging through old files and finding neat stuff.  You know–like being allowed to dig through your grandpa’s

‘That Drawer’ out in his shop.  That’s where these little jewels came from.  The files, not the shop.

It’s tougher than you know to not embellish each of these, but striving manfully, I push on through the yammering distractions to present them to you.  It’s up to you how you apply them to your own experience.



1.  Always do more than you need to do.

2.  Try new things.

3.  Teach those observing your work more about what you know.

4.  Make your work into play.  Find ways to make staying at it fun.

5.  Work when others either aren’t or won’t.

6.  Take breaks; rest whenever you need to.

7.  Always be creating.  ALWAYS.

8.  Make your own inspiration; don’t depend on anyone else for that.

9.  Love what you do, or leave.

© D. Dean Boone, March 2019

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