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QTMs for Good Friday, 3/30/18: HANG IT ON THE CROSS

Posted by on March 30, 2018

There was nothing more hideous and embarrassing than dying on a Roman cross.  It’s natural to associate it with all the despair and ugliness surrounding the event of Jesus’s crucifixion.

I submit the Cross of Christ as God’s ultimate symbol of love for me.  I couldn’t free myself from my habits, my hatreds, my favorite attitudes and my sin.  But Jesus did, just as God told us He would.  Because of Jesus, my life’s forever different.  Hope replaced horrible death.  Heaven makes here look boring.

That same hope is available for you, too.

In this morning’s mail, I found something I want to share with you as we move into Resurrection Celebration weekend.  I don’t care where you’ve been, or what you’re facing.  God’s love and grace can and will help you walk through it, and overcome its effects, living on in personal and spiritual victory.  Jesus proved it on the Cross.

Read and absorb the following.



See the source image

May the fact of Christ’s resurrection and the promise of His eventual return give you joy and hope this Easter!

God’s very best to you, my friend.

© D. Dean Boone, March 2018

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