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Posted by on February 26, 2018
Me, first thing this morning while showering:  “Okay, Holy Spirit.  What You got for us to write today?” 
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You don’t understand.  Have you not noticed all YOUR great ideas hit when you’re washing your hair – in the shower?  I started keeping a whiteboard marker over by the mirror, which is the shortest distance between my thoughts and the means to write them down.
Digression may be irritating, but its also fun.
So there I was, scrubbing away the night sweats and overnight stuff, making myself presentable and smelling good.  I thought I’d be waiting for something mysteriously profound.  I almost missed His quick reply.
“I’ve got you.”
He was patient and repeated it before I could blurt out something deep like, “Wait.  What?”
“I said, I’ve got you.”
If you really know me, it’s when I’m most quiet I’m most thoughtful.  My kids say that’s when I’m most dangerous, but they’re just bent out of shape because I ate the last few bites of cheesecake.  Or whatever else is there.
I never said another word while toweling off and shaving.  I was busy absorbing what it meant.
  • Good day/bad day
  • Good news/bad news
  • Something happening in a friend’s life I can’t share
  • A Christian brother or sister going through some whitewater rapids
  • Wrassling with my thoughts

To it all, and to a thousand and three things besides, God quiets my restless soul and troubled spirit the same way.

“I’ve got you.”

My personality demands definitions and ‘splanations up front, thanks.  Yet I’ve lived long enough and experienced sufficient unknowns and surprises to understand they’re inevitable, no matter how well I try to anticipate things.

I don’t know where you are this morning.  As I enjoy my 2nd cup of joe, I’m dealing with a chocolate/vanilla swirl of emotions and thoughts.  We all tend to get up with them.

I’m not as troubled by them all as I was before The Shower.  They’re now background noise, ground clutter junking up my radar screen.  Know why?  Because the Sovereign God has reassured me that I’m not swirling out of control, and that He’s got me securely in His hand.  What’s helped settle me down, I offer to you, my friend.

Whatever you woke up fearing, or fretting about, I offer His reassurance.  If you’ve made His Christ the Lord of your life, you’ve every reason to draw in a deep, cleansing breath, shove away the niggling doubts and “troublems” and hear the deep, resonant Voice of God gently reminding you:

“I’ve got you.”

What?  “Wrassling”?  Listen, your thoughts may follow some kind of rules.  Mine tend to gang up on me.  Trust me.  We’re not talking polite wrestling.

© D. Dean Boone, February 2018

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