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Posted by on October 12, 2017

What you’re seeing published on Facebook is not appearing as I’ve typed it.


Image result for coffee and determination

Whether something glitchy on WordPress’s writing page, or a FB quirk, the articles I work diligently to make readable are seemingly coming to you crammed together as if I were a fledgling writer.  For that I’m sorry.


What I write means more to me than to give a cursory glance and mash PUBLISH.  I spend hours praying over, preparing, and editing anything I send out.  I write in short paragraphs, altering sentence length, and adding color and appropriate pictures.

Image result for coffee and determination


This muddling everything together was happening in the past, and suddenly stopped.  This made me wonder if there were other causes, whether intentional or oversight.


I will keep doing what I do, and working hard to achieve writing excellence as I do it.  It’s my prayer this all is temporary; that it means enough to you that you’ll overlook whatever, or whoever, is causing this.


Thank you.


As always, I love you and I believe in you.



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