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2nd Cup for 10/10/17: MAN UP! SOMEBODY’S PRAYING FOR YOU

Posted by on October 10, 2017
You can do more after you’ve prayed, but you won’t get much that’s worth anything done until you’ve prayed.
I am praying for my sons, grandson and great-grandson today. 
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My legacy to each of you:  to faithfully pray for those who look to your spiritual leadership.  I don’t expect perfection from you because I haven’t been able to live it before you.  As a recovering perfectionist, I couldn’t do it.  I guarantee you can’t, either.  Your salvation is through Jesus Christ, not your own efforts.
I do expect you to keep short accounts with God.  I do expect and pray for your best efforts in being the overcomer God says you can be.  When you mess up, get it squared away and get back in the fight.  The Bible’s got everything you need to help you do that.
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The day will come when my chair at the table will be vacant.  I expect the next in line to pick up that battle-stained banner of faith, step to the head of the family line, and take up the sacred responsibility of interceding for the boys of this clan who follow you.
Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can shirk praying until your butt’s in a serious sling, and then with your last bit of strength, discus an emergency prayer in Heaven’s general direction, expecting God to throw the Universe in ‘N’ and fix whatever you just got yourself into.
Not all of the men in this family have chosen, or will choose to serve God, for doing so is a choice.  I don’t plan to make it easy for any of you to tell God, “No”, for I pray for every man and boy who’s part of my family.  I don’t want for one of you to be lost.  It’s why I spend time each morning using prayer’s search beam to scan across every male attached to my family.
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I say again:  my ongoing legacy to each of you is the example of a man who knows there’s no greater power than to unleash God’s immense resources – and the Holy Spirit’s convicting power – into the lives of the younger men who are following you. 
I read a devotional this morning about a guy who mentors fathers – dads – to think about their families in terms of 200 years. 
All things being equal, you’ll all outlive me here.  Though I plan on not heading Home ANY time soon, I intend for you to know my colors are clear, my faith isn’t faint, my destiny’s Heaven, and I expect to see every one of you there.
The challenge is before you.  It’s up to you what you do with it.
Just be aware:  you’ll never be able to stand before God and say, “I didn’t know . . .”  Because there IS no power, no matter what Hell tries to tell you, that will ever keep your dad’s/granddad’s/great-granddad’s prayers from getting through.
I love you, and I believe in you.
© D. Dean Boone, October 2017

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