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2nd Cup from THE DAILY CHAMPION, 30 September 2017

Posted by on September 30, 2017

Be Gallant

Don’t imagine yourself to be quite presentable when you haven’t had a bath in weeks.

Don’t be haughty and arrogant in your self-estimation.

Be Gallant 

A FivestarMan is gallant. To be gallant means to be fashionably groomed and appropriate for every occasion. That means that we are to be presentable. We should make an effort to be appropriately dressed.

To be appropriately dressed means that we do not dress for a distraction of the occasion and to draw attention to ourselves – we’re just simply appropriate. As authentic men, we should dress to demonstrate some dignity to represent our manhood.

Another area that we need to be observant is our grooming. Old style barber shops are making a resurgence. There is nothing that compares with a good shave and trim from a real craftsman.

Let’s step up our game in our dress and personal hygiene.

Represent yourself — and manhood — with some class. —from today’s FIVESTARMAN, The Daily Champion.


This is a principle by which I’ve lived throughout my life.  I didn’t know it showed until I’d begun reconnecting with old high school classmates and found out I actually turned some of them off because I looked too nice.

Sure, it hurt.  A criticism about something borne of one’s personality, something that comes to them naturally, stings.  Being ignored at that age hurts, anyway.  I guess you’d call my high school years look, “Gallant Lonesome”.

Didn’t change me, though.  I’m grateful I was raised by parents who, though always clean and presentable, never gave a fig for what others thought about them.  They believed in pleasing God first.  They believed if they authentically did that, then in His good time, God would see to it they’d have the kind of friends who liked and loved them for who they were, not how they appeared.

But I still had to wash real good for dinner.

© D. Dean Boone, September 2017


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