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2nd Cup, 7/15/17; 6 WAYS TO SUNDAY

Posted by on July 15, 2017

“Oh, man–they scattered six ways to Sunday!”

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Yeah.  I wondered about that, too.  There aren’t six ways to Sunday; there’s one, beginning with Monday.  Tuesday follows, and like that.  No matter how hard you try, you can’t bypass Thursday.

And Friday?  Fuggedaboudit.

The idiom’s origin is unclear.  Consensus:  one way or the other, we will arrive at Sunday.  No matter what efforts we’ve tried on Monday through Saturday, Sunday always comes.

I dug something from my files I remembered, the 6 Ethics of Life.  It is one way to proact on the way to Sunday, so I’m adapting it for our uses here.

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  1. Before you pray, believe.  Addled, idle praying only frustrates.  Though it can bring comfort from its familiarity, automatic, rote praying dulls.  Plugging in personal faith to God, who answers the believing prayers of His child, makes your praying come alive with expectation, assurance and even peace, though the answers may be delayed from your viewpoint.  There’s no better way to start your week than by making Monday a day of believing prayer.
  2. Before you speak, listen.  You know that guy or gal at work, in the restaurant, coffee shop, on Facebook or church who is always approaching every situation with mouth wide open.  Opinions volunteered about everything, making sense or not.  Don’t be that guy or gal.   Others tend to not want to associate with them, even if friends.  Think about it.  Those whom you most respect   and like being around are the ones who quietly, attentively listen.  They may or may not say anything; yet if so, it always adds to the conversation.  Having begun your week with faith-full praying, celebrate each Tuesday by working on your listen–to God and to others.Image result for coffee and Wednesdays
  3. Before you spend, earn.  “Mike-Mike-Mike-Mike-Mike-Mike . . .”  Yep.  Hump Day.  Good old Wednesday.      It’s become the ugly stepsister of weekdays, whose only seeming value is that after 5, you’re headed toward the weekend.  A suggestion:  stop abusing and wasting a useful day, and recognize it’s value.  It’s right in the week’s middle, perfectly balancing it.  Far from being a drudge, it’s a reminder to be responsible for what God’s placed in your hands; and to be thankful.  You have a job!  You’re good at it!  You’re able to pay bills and take care of living expenses!  You’re able to give to church and charity!  Far from being a hump to grudgingly endure, let this noble middle weekday shine, reminding you of how blessed you are that you can work.
  4. Before you write, think.  I’m a writer.  This makes the most sense of all.  On the job, as a passion or hobby, on social media?  It’s a good idea to think before writing.  Writers may look like they’re doing nothing, yet be completely absorbed in one or more ideas or projects.  Thinking . . .  It’s a real good idea.  Then to think some more while editing after writing.  Much of our thinking derives from past experiences, which fits ‘throwback Thursday‘ well.  It’s a good weekday to thoughtfully write after what Monday’s believing, Tuesday’s listening, and Wednesday’s earning has produced.
  5. Image result for coffee and FridaysBefore you quit, try.  Does this fit Friday or what?  How often on one of those Fridays have you viciously grabbed your lunchbag and shades, thundered the door to your office shut and gritted those fateful words, “I QUIT!” in your mind?  Once a month?  You’ve read the memes, right?  It’s always too soon to quit . . . Can you truthfully say you’ve tried your best? . . . Quitting is a bad habit you can overcome by quitting quitting . . .   There is no perfect situation, job, position, or boss.  Giving things and people another try sometimes will make all the difference.
  6. Before you die, live.  Here we are at Saturday.  Ever woken up on Saturday morning and wondered how you got there from Monday?  Were the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday stoplights red, green, or yellow?  It’s possible to whirl through an entire week while wondering if anything you did or were was worthwhile.  However, working through this 6-way progression, you can see it’s harder to do.

By spending your week believing as you pray, listening before speaking, earning before spending, thinking before writing, and trying again before quitting, you will have lived another good, worthwhile week.

And having done all those things 6 ways to Sunday, do you suppose your worship experience will be the richer?

I believe it will.  And I believe you’ll have touched the life of another one or two around you with your example.

I also believe you’ll never hear anyone use that phrase again without remembering this article.

My job here, for today, is done.

© D. Dean Boone, July 2017



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