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Q(uiet) T(ime) M(usings) for 6/2/17: SO, MOVING AHEAD . . .

Posted by on June 1, 2017

You can never go where you’re supposed to be by staying where you are.  Nathaniel Bronner said that and lived by it.

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I ran across that statement again over a month ago, jotted it down so it would be looking up at me each morning when I sat down at my desk, and read it.  I read it again just now.

You can never go where you’re supposed to be by staying where you are.

Then I don’t want to stay where I am.  I don’t want to stagnate, to get dry and boring.  Since God’s grace and mercies are new every morning, my expectations should be, too–shouldn’t they?  I can’t expect to position myself to receive today’s blessings by moping around and bemoaning what I missed from yesterday’s batch.

What I want for me, I want for you, my friend.

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My wish for you, having experienced Memorial Day and stepping through Summer’s turnstile, is for you to be free to receive every good, worthwhile, helpful and empowering additive God can lavish on you.  In scanning across social media, it looks like every one of you will have your Summer crammed with work/play/leisure/vacation plans.

** Be free to receive every good, worthwhile, helpful and empowering additive God can lavish on you. **

Why would you not be free to do that?  Simple.

  • Keep hanging on to where you’ve been,
  • hanging out with who you were, and
  • hanging back from where God says you can step up.

With all that jumbling Summer activity, it’s deceptively easy to crowd God out.  Be purposeful in not letting that happen any longer than it takes you to be chasing after Him.  Be being a Philippians 4:8 kind of person.

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I’m not saying to ignore evil and wrong.  We all need to stand against those things when we can – and there’s plenty of them in our world.  It’s a fact that what we allow will continue.

I’m saying evil and wrong get enough press; they don’t need us giving them more legs.  Instead of letting them run you, how about switching things up, turning the tables on them?  How about chasing them with all the good, worthy, wholesome, decent stuff they keep trying to obscure?  There’s too much good, beauty, unappreciated blessing, and opportunity for making a positive difference for either you or I to spend our time focusing on all that’s rotten and disgusting around us.

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And when Summer’s done and the leaves begin to change, it’s my wish that you will have positioned yourself in mind, body and spirit to take the fullest possible advantage of the good things God placed before you.  That means we both need to start now.

Use your Time wisely.  Invest in the best!

© D. Dean Boone, June 2017

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