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100-Word Stroll for 4/13/17: CAN YOU SPARE SOME CHANGE TODAY?

Posted by on April 13, 2017

I pray I can.  Grab your coffee and walk with me . . .

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On the way to the borrowed room where they’d dine Passover style with Jesus, the guys were comparing opinions about who of them deserved the corner office with big windows.  3 years, and they didn’t get it.  Or Him.

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Recently read:  Don’t keep looking for the spare change that this world gives you when you have a treasure box of priceless gems within yourself.  The disciples were grubbing around in the world’s ideas, looking for importance, trying to impress.  They were clueless that walking right among them was the change, the importance they’d need to carry them through all their life experiences.

Jesus wordlessly scrubbed filthy feet.  The guys felt punched in the gut, their silly boasting and arguments still floating on the breeze behind them like dust motes in sunlight holding patterns.  They wouldn’t get it or Him until after He was gone.

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Author Robert Dugoni wrote that there’s a huge difference between love and need.  Someone who needs you will put themselves first.  Someone who loves you will put you first.  Jesus lived that difference before these guys He’d chosen to build His church.

Spare some change today, then?  Me?

Yeah.  I need the kind He gives.  Daily.  It’s not recognition or bling somebody else grudgingly doles out to me.  It’s constantly-flowing Grace God lavishes on me.  Can’t live without it.  Don’t wish to.

There’s plenty for you, too, if you want it.

© D. Dean Boone, April 2017

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