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Posted by on March 19, 2017

It doesn’t much matter where your ‘thinking spot’ is.  Wherever it is, be prepared to listen and remember.  It’s possible you may not have a pad and pen handy.

Image result for coffee and deep thoughts

My thinking spot is most often the shower.  It’s a little hard to write anything down in there.  I happen to have a rather large mirror in my bathroom, so I finally bought a whiteboard marker to jot cryptic notes that always seem to proliferate in the shower.

From those notes have come some interesting articles, posts, and additional chapters to stories.  I’ve learned to be ready for more than clean hair when I step in the shower each morning.

But I’ve mentioned to the Lord that it wouldn’t bother me much if He were to meet me, say, when I’m more put together and enjoying my first cup of joe.

Just sayin’.

© D. Dean Boone, March 2017


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