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Posted by on March 10, 2017

“Somebody needs to do something about that.”

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When someone sitting at the next table in, say, Cheddars says that, they’re saying out loud what a bunch of folks are thinking.

That’s your cue.

I can see your magnificence from here.  The real question is, can you see it?  There are too many good, principled, able people sitting quietly on the curb of Life because they’re unconvinced of their own ability to “do something about that”.

You know what these 28 Ways To Nail TREMENDOUS are all about, right?  They’re all about EXCELLENCE.

God created some unique, terrific, tremendous stuff in you that He’s been wanting to use to touch and encourage others–right around you, right where you work.  It’s time to stop withholding those blessings and get after being the reason they have hope and learn how to smile again.

Now, about that Excellence thing . . .

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What would progress look like to you?  Strong reasons generate strong effort; I believe those reasons need to be personalized to fit you.  When you own your ‘why‘, it’s amazing how God lines up the other details.

Change “failure” to “a new lesson”.  And other than learning what didn’t work or how not to do whatever it was, pay no further attention to them.  Those lessons from experience are of tremendous value – more than perceived successes ever are.  They’re actually part of succeeding in your reaching toward excellence.

Listen to your own heart, mind, and spirit first.  Others love to give you limitless ideas for your life, but you’re not obligated to pay attention to them.  They don’t know you as God does.  Pay even less attention to your critics.  If they’ve time to be poking at you, they’re not busy making the difference they should be.

Never let anyone judge your story by the chapter they walked in on.  God’s the Author; all you’re doing is writing it down.  Your journey is as unique as are your abilities and skill sets.  What you have to offer others is unlike anyone else, your story needs to be told, and there’s no one who can tell it like you can.

Today’s the day to be that ‘Somebody’ doing something about it!

© D. Dean Boone, March 2017





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