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QTMs for 1/19/17: BBAR!

Posted by on January 19, 2017

I woke up this morning.

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I breathed freely, got up without pain, did all the morning things without thinking about it.  I’m walking, seeing, hearing, thinking.  I’m eating a hearty breakfast – and enjoying fresh, hot joe – as I write, able to absorb enough to remain in what is for me normal good health.

I take none of that for granted, for at one time I expected little of it.

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I am BBAR:  BLESSED BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION!  And I’m grateful to God for the ability and desire to say so.

Anybody can complain.  Whining takes no talent.

Every person living faces challenges and obstacles.  They’re the stuff of life.  The fact you have them means you’re alive and functioning–and can decide what to do with them.


You can’t foresee your challenges, but you CAN decide how to use them.  Bellyaching is a waste of your time and everyone else’s patience.  Don’t spend any more time thinking about them than it takes to recognize them and begin deciding on your strategy to overcome them.

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If you’re a Christian, Romans 8:37 applies to you.  It means overcoming – overwhelming victory – is always God’s first-best option available to you.

I don’t care what you’re facing right now, fellow believer.  God says that with His help, you can overcome through it; that it’ll be nothing unique that others haven’t experienced and been helped to overcome (1 Corinthians 10:13), and that God can and will make that challenge become a building block in creating your dream, working out for your eventual betterment and His glory (Romans 8:28).

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So.  Get on with creating your story!  It’s as unique as you are, and you need to tell it.  Know why?  The same people who ran screaming from your grousing will flock to listen to how God’s helping you overcome.

A suggestion:  You know that light at the end of the tunnel?  Quit waiting around for it; instead, run out there and light it!  Someone else needs to see it, too–maybe more urgently than you!

©  D. Dean Boone, January 2017

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