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Posted by on December 29, 2016

If you were the Thursday between Christmas and New Years, you’d feel slighted, too.  Though companies are open, the workdays between the two holidays are as practical as a snake on a tricycle.

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What to do?  Give today back its worth.  Make today mean something.

Using a devotion from Colossians 4:12-18 I got in this morning’s mail, here are five ways to do that.

The passage invites us to always be lifting each other in prayer.  Good, but generic.  The more specific the praying, the easier to see God’s hand at work.  Right?



  1. HELP ME to stand as a mature Christian in the midst of today’s experiences and situations, with assurance that You are working Your will in my life through them.
  2. HELP ME carry out today’s portion of my assigned tasks until done.  May I honor You by doing my reasonable best to finish what I start.
  3. HELP ME fulfill today whatever ministry You’ve laid before me.  It may or may not have anything to do with my title or training, yet whether formal or informal, public or private, it is all done for You, and in Your name.
  4. HELP ME to remember all who are imprisoned, either by law or by their own choices.  May I include special love and care for all who suffer and experience loss in any way while serving You.
  5. HELP ME to recognize Your grace flowing into and through me today in its sustaining, keeping power.

What I seek for myself, Lord, I also pray for all those whom I know, who love and follow after You.  In the powerful name of Jesus who is the Christ I ask.  Amen.

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Nowhere in these requests do I whimper, “God, do it for me.”  Many look forward to the new year so they can make a new start on the same old habits.  The Almighty is wise.  He doesn’t do for me what I can and should do for myself.  Inviting Him to partner with me?  Seeking His help in places I can’t quite get it done by myself?  That honors God.  He’ll always respond, whether I recognize it as Him at work or not.

Looking into 2017, does it make sense, then, that when one approaches – cherishes – each day like this, by day’s end you’ll have accomplished more and feel better about your efforts?  Does it make sense that weeks and months spent using each day thus will yield more and better results?

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What lies deep within that you still want to do, to be?  What beckons you in the coming year?  If it’s legal and moral the only one stopping you is you. Your true friends will applaud and support you. The others only get in the way, telling you that you can’t because they won’t. Let them lose because they choose.

Focus on cherishing each day before you as above.  Focus on encouraging one another to do this.  Excellence will ensue.

Love all, but like and listen only to those who bring out God’s best in you, urging you on toward excellence and to follow your dream.

© D. Dean Boone, December 2016


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