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Posted by on December 24, 2016

As we walk out of the crumbs and crust of 2016 and head on into the coming year, I have a request.

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Memes have become ubiquitous on social media.  Some are amusing, some underwhelming, and a few each day are memorable and worth repeating.  Of the latter, I ask the creators of those memes to cease and desist adding “Type ‘AMEN’ and share” or “Type YES if you agree”.

Seriously.  Just stobbut.

Image result for Type 'Yes' if you agree memes

Even if I like your message, to see such mindless prompting only guarantees I will ignore it and move on.

Image result for mind control meme

We’re just stepping out the back door of 8 years of everything we think, say or do being programmed.  At least, they’ve attempted it.  My mind works without being prompted, poked or scolded.  Well, most of the time, anyway.  I have my personal likes and preferences.  I had them before Facebook and its kin came along.  I’ll retain them.

I’ve no issue with being encouraged to read or listen.  I’ve great issue with being harangued and treated as a child.

Image result for making great memes

So.  A suggestion.  Those who create those clever memes need to vet and edit their raw material, leaving out all pushing and grade-school coercion to “Do this or say that”.  I’m adulting, here.  I’m able to decide what I like and don’t.  Your elementary nagging is neither needed nor welcomed.

I’m a writer.  There’s great material in some of the memes I find.  I’d like to use them and celebrate that creativity.

I’d like to learn how to make those great multimedia ways of connecting, too.  One day I will.  And when that happens, you can be assured of one thing.

I’ll never include those silly directions.

Type “Yup!” and share if you agree.

©  D. Dean Boone, December 2016

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