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Posted by on November 17, 2016

It’s amazing how many know Bible accounts while disclaiming they believe any of it.

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Case in point:  the ‘hoe’ the priests and their sycophants threw to the ground before Jesus.  “Whichever one of you is innocent and totally sinless, how about you throwing the first rock?”

“Garbage Margin” is that wide space you give everyone around you to absorb all their quirks, bad habits, dumb remarks and dumber actions.

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Why?  Because you want them to do that for you.  Two choices:  be offended (#gagmewithawoodenspoon), or ‘Garbage-Margin’ it.  Toss it.  Let go of it.

The man or woman for whom you voted cannot, will not save you.  They never could.  Your savior is not Hillary or Donald.

It is Jesus.

It’s at hearing His name that one day every knee will bow while every mouth admits that He is Lord.  The glory for all that belongs to God, not Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or any other person on Earth.

So.  Let’s simplify things.  Stop whining about not getting your way if your candidate lost.  Stop gloating if yours won.  We have time for neither.  It’s childish, and the Bible teaches to have childlike faith – not childish fantasies.

Tough Love | Sometimes people, including your own family, will not understand the love

Stop treating one another shabbily.  A moratorium on Facebook ranting by college students who seem unable to attach words together or reasonably explain their personal beef might be a good place to start.  And how about major new outlets – ALL of them – refusing to give them and their sponsors ANY coverage, denying them cameras and mics?  How about treating them as lawbreakers, unchaining the police and letting them do their jobs, free of our censure or interference?

For the rest of us?  Garbage Margin, everybody.  Treat one another as you’d want to be treated.  No one said we must see, think or believe alike.  We’re not commanded to like everybody, either.  Yet we have been told to love one another.  Sometimes love has to be tough to be effective.

I’m thinking right about now is one of those times.

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© D. Dean Boone, November 2016

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