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Posted by on November 1, 2016


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Granger silently sipped his fresh-brewed Peet’s Big Bang medium roast, watching the play of conflicting emotions on his younger friend’s face.  Few things got to the sheriff’s deputy to the point he was speechless; Sparks had served two arduous tours in Afghanistan, survived and returned to put his experience and work ethic to good use with the county sheriff’s department.

It seemed he’d run into one.  “Have you read all the stuff that’s coming out about her?”  Sparks brandished the iPad he’d been reading, catching up on the latest news from the disgusting, exhausting swirl of politics.  “Her own campaign chairman is quoting somebody as saying she smells “like boiled cabbage, urine and farts” and that her mouth isn’t the only foul thing about her.  Right here on Facebook, with pics of the email!”

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Granger rocked slightly in his venerable office chair.  Making eye contact with his disturbed friend, he only nodded.  This seemed to irritate the tough veteran cop and he not-so-gently plopped Granger’s iPad down on the chair’s padded arm.

“How bad’s this gonna get, Granger?  How far are these people gonna follow her?  Are they really that stupid?  Can’t they see it?  I mean, they blind?  I’m no little kid, and I’ve never seen anything quite like this level of open defiance of the law and smug arrogance and–and the LYING, man!  Even under OATH!  And NOTHIN’ HAPPENS!”  I mean, it’s like spooky–like she’s got them entranced or something!”  As he said this, he suddenly stood and stalked over to one of the windows looking down on Douglas.Image result for political crap gif

Giving it a beat, Granger thoughtfully sipped the fragrant, tasty brew as he ordered his thoughts.

“This political mess needed to happen.  I know you understand this.  When people get so used to getting by with conning everybody around them, they become more and more brazen, thinking, “If that worked, then maybe we can try this.”  The sitting President is a good example.  It becomes a lifestyle, as natural as breathing, eating and bathing.  Well, or… not.”  He took another appreciative drink of coffee.

“What do you mean, it had to happen?”

“Sparks, you’ve dealt with enough addictive personalities to know they’ve got to hit bedrock, bounce, slide and scrape some hide off their self-importance and opinions before you can even get their attention.  Right?”  Canting his head down and to the left, the deputy grudgingly agreed.

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“Don’t you think Madame Pigpen has known for a long time she’s been routinely breaking rules and laws?  Using anyone she thought could give her an advantage?  Ruining reputations and lives?  She’s neither ignorant nor innocent.  She’s been canny and wily, sweet-talking, making deals and cajoling others to directly do her bidding so she could seem distant from it all.”

Sparks had turned, resting his backside on the windowsill.  “And?”

“There’s only one way to cut out rot and putrifying dead stuff:  uncover it, dig it out – ALL of it – kill it, treat the wound, let it heal and start over.”  Granger saw he had the young man’s attention.

“Right now our nation is reeling from the sheer expanse, the pervasiveness of the rot and corruption in the Democrat party in general and the entire Clinton crime network in particular.  Make no mistake:  some supposed Good Guys from Independent and Republican circles have been implicated in it, too – or they soon will be.”

Image result for addict hitting bottom

Absentmindedly twirling his uniform ballcap, Sparks slowly nodded.  “Okay.”

“When normal folks, regular citizens, get good and fed up, it’s not pretty.  And once they decide it’s time for some changes, it can be abrupt.  Yet once the nation’s attention, its revulsion at what’s been revealed, and retribution for the Democrat Left and it’s sycophants has abated some, the show’s not over.”


“The pendulum will keep swinging past where reason dictates it should stop.  It will swing too wide; it always does.  It’s victims will all be howling, “UNFAIR!” and to a degree, in part it will be; it always is.

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“When that occurs, the reason lies squarely in the ample lap of She Who Would Be Queen.  She could have stopped at any point, yet she thought the rape of our country and the rending of our values and way of life was too tempting to curtail her headlong stampede of abuses and maltreatment of anyone who dared try to stop her.

“She has spun so many lies she no longer recognizes truth.  Seeing America’s presidency as her right, she’ll never accept that she’s gutted her own chances by her own actions.  She’ll go down screaming her defiance, lashing out and trying to destroy as many as she can take with her – and there have been many who fell beneath her spell of money and power.  Some were as criminally ambitious as she, and others at the beginning had their own dreams, thinking she was The One to whose star they could hitch their U-Hauls.

Image result for empty candy wrappers

“Sparks, I’m telling you:  even after all we’re now finding out?   If she’s connived and corrupted SO many to the point she wins?  She still loses.  None of the things she’s done will go away, nor will the stories and memories of the people she’s destroyed.  None of those she depended on to lie and cheat and steal for her, whom she’s now tossing aside like Halloween candy wrappers, will forget that when they needed her, Ol’ Pigpen didn’t know ’em.

“No–even if Hillary Clinton wins, she loses.  Unfortunately, so do we all.”  It got quiet in the office for a few breaths.

“Hey, Sparks?”  The deputy raised his head and arched his eyebrows to his mentor and friend.

“Lock up when you leave, will ya?  I’ve got to take a walk and clear my head.”

© D. Dean Boone, November 2016

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