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Posted by on October 6, 2016

Hey, Pastor Jack & Martha and the whole Simms gang:

Thank you so much for the greatest Southern hospitality going!  Though our visit with you was way too short, we got a real charge out of renewing some friendships that border on family; and meeting so many of you new to the church family.

Many of you came to Brenda and I after we shared our journey with you, asking us to pray with you for specific needs.  We failed to write those down as we should, so we have a request.

Would you who came by afterwards seeking prayer support please send me a private email note to that effect?  Please include the name(s) of those for whom you seek prayer, or the situations you’d like us to be lifting with you.  If there are details you wish us to know that will inform our praying, feel free to include them.

You may send it to:

All of you:  you made our short stay a memorable one, and made us want to come back some day, God willing.

God’s best to you all!

Daniel & Brenda Boone


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