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500-Word Stroll, 10/6/16: BETTER THINK AGAIN

Posted by on October 6, 2016

You who’ve bandwagoned, refusing to honor our National Anthem, need to   consider the inevitable consequences of your words and actions.  They don’t occur in a vacuum.  Eventually, you’ll face what they’re going to cost you.

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You already are.

This morning in Los Angeles, another lawman doing his job is dead, having been shot in the face during a ‘routine’ traffic stop, leaving behind yet another grieving wife and family.

That could have been your dad, brother, uncle, son or good friend.  Your sports league coach.  Sunday school teacher.

Unrelated?  No.  Disturbingly connected.  You bandwagoners are ignorant of those cynical, sinister, manipulative power-predators using your uninformed youth and thoughtless energy to reach their desired agendas.  Whether urging you out into city streets to steal, loot and destroy or seducing you to ignore generations of veterans who’ve honorably served America and disgrace our flag and national Anthem, the end game is the same.

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That Anthem and the flag it honors mean something that those manipulating and using you despise and wish to destroy.  They are not honest enough to tell you that.  They hide their deceit behind empty promises you foolishly continue to believe, inciting you to continue down the steeper and steeper slope of lawlessness.

Do you really want those who wear uniforms to keep you safe and able to bullhorn your foolishness gone?

Are you serious in wanting all those small businesses you trash and loot and burn, including the jobs they provide you, to disappear?

What do you think will remain if those things you say you want do happen?

Who do you think will feed, clothe and give you an allowance then?

Image result for black lives matter riots

When your few minutes’ Facebook notoriety are over and your ‘hatred’ for America and its people who’ve allowed you freedom to be fools has become public knowledge, what then?  Who’ll hire you?  Who’ll want you around?  Where will all those ‘suits’ be who promised you so much to get you to do their bidding?

There is a time and place to air honest differences and grievances.  Those whose remains come home draped in the American flag gave their lives to assure that freedom, just as those who offer uniformed security at sports events serve in that same capacity.  To sneer at and show open disrespect to them is not the way to draw favorable attention to one’s point.

Image result for nfl losing viewers

Die-hard football fans are unloading tickets and having NFL network stations removed from their cable packages.  Suddenly the spoiled boys and girls involved in that cash cow – and their owners – are waking up to realize they’ve been used in an attempt to co-opt pro sports for private agendas, which is filtering down through college and high school sports as well.

Of course airheaded kids will jump on, too.  It’s cool to be part of a movement.  Right?  They get to parrot all the force-fed rhetoric and talking points, sounding so wise and informed . . .  and never realizing the true cost of their actions.

Parents are waking up to realize the agonizing cost of PC gone berserk and are beginning to exert their influence over their kids’ lives and their schools again.

It’s not pretty.

So, bandwagoners . . .  you thought you knew what you were doing?  That it was cute?  That you’re making a statement?

Image result for changing inside gif

Better think again.  The law of unintended consequences hasn’t gone anywhere.  You are squarely in its crosshairs and you’ve managed to alienate the only ones willing to foot the bill to bail you out and offer you another chance.

You must change what’s going on inside you before you can hope to change what’s going on outside you. 

© D. Dean Boone, October 2016


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