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100-Word Stroll for 9/7/16: UH-UH. NO WAY. NOT INTERESTED.

Posted by on September 7, 2016


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I’ve had all of this Sesame Street, spoon-fed approach I can handle.  If you wish to inform me about your product or service just say it.  Tell me what you offer and what it costs.  Boom.

I refuse to sit with emotional magma building inside as I’m patronized and treated like an airheaded three-year-old who can’t grasp what I’m hearing, so I must be further insulted by being forced to endure a 34-minute visual in Franklin Gothic Heavy because, naturally, I can’t read anything not assaulting my eyes.  Not bad.  52-word sentences usually denote ire.

You want to know, right?  Why “NO MORE“?

Watch this short video to find out.

Get up off the floor, quit derooting your hair, stop the screaming.  You just caught on.

No, really.  Put the stapler down.  I’m with you.

Image result for staring at computer monitors gif

We’ve all been seduced by The Screen.  “You can’t trust what you’re hearing, Dave.  You must watch my visual message.”

I’m rebelling.  No matter how wonderful the offer, product or service, if you even hint at forcing yet anOTHer short video on me, I hit ‘Delete’.

It’s that simple.  You get no sale and I’m one step further in weaning myself from this tyranny of The Screen.  I feel better now.  Maybe a tad smug.

What?  In my hand?  Oh–nothin’.  Um, no.  I–I wasn’t checking Facebook…

© D. Dean Boone, September 2016

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