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100-Word Stroll for 9/5/16: ARE YOU COSTLY OR VALUABLE?

Posted by on September 6, 2016

This man is a personal friend who lives what he writes about. Pay attention.  –Dan

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“It’s all in how we think. As you approach the world each day, have as a top priority creating the most value for others possible. If you are a nurse, or a secretary, or a construction worker, how can you make sure that what you do will be quality work that will improve and bless the lives of others? It’s all in the attitude . . . .  It is all on the inside. It is a different approach to the mundane routine and requires a fresh way of thinking. It will change everything about what you do and how you go about doing it.


“There is no asset you own that equals you. You have everything you need to discover your purpose and to have a smashing good time living it. You are all you need. Using what you have will inevitably lead to your success and the respect of those around you.

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What if you woke up, and could not wait to get on with your work because it is exciting, fulfilling, and adds value to everyone you come into contact with? Not that everyone will appreciate or even notice your focused cheerfulness and determination, but you will . . .   What if you were able to support yourself doing exactly what it is that you love to do? Your goal should take you to a place eventually where you are satisfied and financially secure. You are safe and protected and doing the activities and spending time with the people who are the most important to you.

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“No need to ever retire when you are having a wonderful time!” ~ George Peintner, AMWAY Diamond

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