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100-Word Strolls for 8/25/16: IF TODAY WERE THE LAST DAY OF YOUR LIFE . . .

Posted by on August 25, 2016

Steve Jobs asked the question:  “If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?”

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Yes.  YES.  I would!

God stepped into my life when we were all sure my remaining days were in the single digits.  Medicine had repeatedly done its best and had nothing more to offer but condolences.  When the best surgeon available comes out after 9+ hours of surgery shaking his head, looking like he’d just seen a speeding UPS truck squash his pet Yorkie, it bodes ill for the patient.

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I hadn’t lost faith in God’s ability; I’d seen too much of His work to ever doubt that.  I just figured His plan to use me had been scrubbed for reasons known only to Him and I was done.

Turns out He had something else in mind:  writing.

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I love it, though it can be devious and even sadistic in its demands.  Nothing revs my turbines more than getting up with fresh ideas and posting.  And the exhilaration of continuing work on stories, which have an annoying tendency to work their way into a book?  Don’t get me started.

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Would I want to do what I’m about to be doing?

Absolutely, for I love what God has me doing!   And there’s nothing on Earth that I’d take in trade for that knowledge.


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How about you?  How would you answer the question?

© D. Dean Boone, August 2016 

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