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Posted by on August 3, 2016

There it is.  The Christian Bat Signal!

“Prayer needed.  Going through some rough waters.”

If you look at my venerable Samsung SyncMaster 712N monitor from the right angle, you’ll see some weird oblong smudges on the left side.  Five of ’em.  They’re smudged because their cause never reoccurs in exactly the same place.

It took me awhile to notice them, too.  Puzzled, I didn’t get it until one morning I found in my email inbox a plea for urgent prayer.  Reading it twice to assure I understood the request, I habitually reached my left hand to the monitor, touched it and began to pray.

Yep.  Approximately right where those five oily smudges are.

Know what?  Though I’ve tried, they never completely go away.

Know what else?  I don’t want them to.  They’re my link with my brothers and sisters in faith.  I may never meet some represented by those oily prints this side of Home.  Yet the ones I do know make me humbly glad that together we serve the God of Answered Prayers.

Thus I smudge on!

© D. Dean Boone, August 2016

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