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100-Word Stroll for 8/11/16: POPULARITY COMES WITH A PRICE TAG

Posted by on August 11, 2016

Moral compass?  Decency?  Telling myself, “NO” when wanting something right now?  Christian witness?  Conservative core values?  Individual resolve?  Willingness to be unpopular?  To stand alone?

“Who?  Me?”  Yeah.  You.

This is a challenge.

Think of The Three Hebrew Amigos – Shadrach and his two buds.  Daniel 3.  You know the story.

Does anyone know the names of the thousands who went with the flow?  Who wanted to “just get along and be loving and tolerant”?

Nope.  We know who our three stand-outs are because they dared to stand.  Literally.

See, there were a lot of other Jews in that crowd, in the same desert as Shadrach et al.  The Babylonians had them all out there to make an embarrassing spectacle as to how superior their culture, lifestyle and religion – and King Nebulous – was compared with this, this—GOD these Jews kept yammering about.

Nebby:  “Bow or you burn.”

Three Hebrew Amigos  (Count ’em, brave souls–three):  “Ain’t bowin’.”  You can read the results.

Related image

How about you?  Nobody likes saying/doing unpopular things.  It’s no fun having friends get unfriendly.

Being popular, however, costs.

There’s a point where good men and women must stop accommodating what’s been proven to be wrong.

And that happens one by one.

You willing to be an example today?

© D. Dean Boone, August 2016


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