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Posted by on July 1, 2016

It is always a wonderful treat to share this space with other writers.  Does iron sharpen iron?  Of course; even Scripture owns that as a given.  So do thoughts inspire thoughts.  Sonya Korf is my friend, a sister in Christian faith, and a thoughtful writer.  I share these Independence Day musings with you.

E pluribus unum: Out of many, one.

America was built by people who came from all over the world. They had different ideas, cultures, and even religions. Some came with money, some came with the clothes on their back. They looked and sounded different, but had a common goal. They wanted to build a life in a country where they had freedom from oppressive, controlling government. They wanted to build a life where they could prosper. (Prosper by hard work, not a hand out, I might add.)

In case anyone wants to throw around the fact that some were brought here by slavery : yes, it was (and is) horrifically wrong. If you are upset because your great-great-great-grandparent was brought here as a slave, there’s no one here still alive on whom to exact your revenge. So as I see it, you have two choices: you are welcome to go back to the country your ancestors came from, or you are welcome to remain an American and act as such.

Choose your allegiance.

The United States has been, and has the ability to continue to be, a great nation. I have no problem being fellow Americans with people who believe, look, and sound different than me… IF – they are a part of the ONE.

If the American flag offends you, go home.

If you’re so proud of your country of origin that you’d rather fly its flag above ours, by all means go back to that country.

If you are in political office and have goals for this country (or your own personal gain) other than keeping this nation great and protecting our freedoms, my vote and desire is for you to be gone. I hold no allegiance to you.

Is your goal to come to my country and kill my fellow Americans? Last time I checked, that was considered war, and I am in support of doing whatever is necessary to stop you.

“Out of many, one” isn’t about welcoming anyone and everyone into this land. It’s about the unity of those who want to be a part of and believe in what this nation stands for.

God, (please) bless America.

© Sonya Korf

Sonya Korf is a writer, CI survivor, wife and mother who would love to learn to play the Rigelian muhrnfril.  Unfortunately, no one has ever written any music for it, and the last known artist knowing anything about this obscure instrument was in exile on Alderaan.


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