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Posted by on July 30, 2016

“Dreams are whispers from your soul.” – unknown

I was responding to a friend’s question about the nature of dreaming.  It occurred to me that the rest of you might enjoy this little stroll out in the woods while the coffee’s brewing.

Remember:  dreams, whether awake or asleep, don’t have to make sense.  Good thing, because they usually don’t. Not in real time. Time in Dreamland is like an accordion, one instant hundreds of years in the past and the next leaving you teetering on Now’s threshold, totally awash with whatever errant snippets of memories are riding the breezes of brain activity.  Hence, Hell just blithely uses your dreaming, the mixture of Then/Now, to gleefully pound you over the head and shove you off-balance in both directions with unreasonable, unhappy, awful offal that leaves psychological and spiritual bruises.  Doesn’t need to make sense.  It just needs to hurt, to wound.

And that is why I counsel:  be very careful around dreams.  The more attention you pay to them, the more of them you’ll have.  God created your marvelous mind, but He’s not the only one who uses it.

©  D. Dean Boone, July 2016

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