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Posted by on June 9, 2016

I can do anything with today I choose because it’s mine.  I have an exclusive on today.  I own it.

I can spend these next 18 hours any way I want.  It’s up to me.  God has the ability to force events and encounters in my life today that can shape what I do.  What He cannot because He will not do is force my outcome, my choices in response to those events and encounters.

Those choices are up to me.

Nobody else can dictate to me what I can, what I will do with my waking hours of today.  My first cup is history and it’s time for a refill of my blend, my grind.

Freedom.  Right?  FREEDOM!


Just so you realize that freedom comes walking along into your life every morning holding hands with responsibility.

Oh, yeah.  It’s ridiculous, how connected they are.  Freedom refuses to go anywhere without Responsibility.  It’s so bad that every time you thrust both fists straight up in the air and mentally scream, “FREEDOM!” you need to silently yell, “RESPONSIbility . . .” right along with it.

I receive this unparalleled gift of a brand new, fresh 24 hours from God’s hand as the priceless gem-encrusted chalice that it is, filled to the brim with every blessing, every possibility for being an influence for all that is noble, good, right, decent, moral and ethical.

It’s my choice.  Know why?

Because He doesn’t owe me another one tomorrow.

If this is to be my final day Here, I choose to spend its hours just as I began this journey writing my very first 2nd Cup of Coffee article.  I’ll spend them lifting, encouraging, edifying and challenging every reader to personal and spiritual excellence.  I’ll spend them reading, learning and writing encouragement into the life of anyone who happens across my blog.

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I choose to write in such a delicious, inviting style that readers are most of the way through a post or one of Granger’s stories before stopping to ask why they feel like they’re sitting right in the same room, standing on the same front porch with a steaming mug of coffee in their right hand, dodging sprinklers along the same street, roasting giant marshmallows over the same firepit or sensing the same ebb and surge of emotion about which I’m writing.

I choose to keep adding to this collection of jumbled thoughts and impressions gleaned from the life and crazy, lively imagination of a happy, joyful, thankful survivor whom God one day sat down beside and said, “Y’know, you ought to write.”

I choose to kick this all up a notch, to write things that make you think.  More.  And want to come back.  More often.

I can do anything with today I choose because it’s mine.  I have an exclusive on today.  I own it.

This is my choice.

What’s yours?

© D. Dean Boone, June 2016





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